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Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston Greens -- Highlights page

All our meetings are open to up-to-date LFK GPO and GPC members.

If you'd like to know when the next meeting is, email us, and type "next meeting" in the subject line.

Or if you would like to join our discussion group send us a note and type "discussion" in the subject line.

Here are the highlights from 2018 - TO COME

Highlights of the L-F-K GPO Meeting - Feb.18 2018, Perth.

Discussion regarding the minute-taking and distribution.
AGM minutes will be circulated to the full membership.
Draft regular meeting minutes be circulated to the executive and meeting attendees as soon as possible and any omissions or errors be noted and reported to the recorder.
Highlights to be posted on the lfkgreens.ca website.
Hard copies of the approved minutes be kept with the CA's official documents.
Financial and membership reports accepted as presented.
The 2018 provincial election campaign budget was approved as submitted.
Discussion re chili fundraiser date and location to be confirmed.
Next Meeting March 18th

Highlights of the L-F-K GPC Meeting - Feb.18 2018, Perth.

Financial Report accepted as presented.
Membership Report accepted as presented.
Fund-raising we expect a fall 2018 and a spring 2019 federal fund-raiser.
Old Business
Format and protocol for recording and disseminating the minutes deferred to the March meeting.
New Business: None.
Next Meeting: Sunday March 18, 2018

Highlights of L-F-K GPC Meeting 21 Jan 2018, Perth

Financial Report:accepted as presented.
Membership Report:accepted as presented.
CEO report: accepted as presented.
The focus will be on fundraising for the provincial association this year.
Minutes and meeting format some discussion no resolution.
Costs of attending Green Party conventions and AGMs meeting - some discussion no resolution.
Next Meeting: Feb 18, 2018; 12:00 noon Perth.

Highlights of L-F-K GPO Meeting 21 Jan 2018, Perth

Financial Report approved as submitted.
Membership Report approved as submitted.
Discussion re minutes and minutes storage.
GPO convention, February - Anita and Myrna are attending this year;
Anita is doing a Table talk on Phasing out Natural Gas
Myrna is doing a Table Talk on Lyme disease
Next Meeting: Feb 18, 2018.

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LFKGreens, 2018
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